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One of the greatest blessings that we have received from God is the Church, through which we have access to the sacraments and to each other who are united in faith. At the heart of this institution, are those who, out of love for God and His people, offer themselves willingly to His service at great cost to themselves, giving up much of what this world offers, and willingly subjecting themselves to being formed through prayer, study, and disciplined living. Ultimately, it serves them well in their own spiritual journeys, but the primary motivation to such a life is driven by a desire to be worthy to serve the faithful, and to guide them to eternal peace with God.

This is no easy task, and not a life that can be entered into lightly.  The demands placed upon such a one can be arduous, and often brings a person to the end of themselves. This is a good thing, for we can only grow through hardship and difficulty, and there is the always the hope of victory in the midst of seeming despair.  But knowing this does not always make it easier to navigate. To be a religious is to be on the front lines of human experience, to willingly immerse oneself in human suffering, and to confront evil wherever it may manifest.  And though God grants strength and grace to accomplish such things, our faithful religious are still human, and are naturally affected by the human experience.  It is no wonder then, that our clergy sometimes suffer anxiety, depression, and burnout, as they wrestle with their own humanity, as well as the human and spiritual needs placed upon them by those seeking their help. 

I am forever grateful for those that have answered the call placed upon their lives by God, and who have devoted themselves to Him and to His Church. As a way of giving back and serving in my own way, I am happy to offer my services completely free of charge to all priests, deacons, and seminarians, including those who are still inquiring about their call to religious vocation. I am not clergy myself, but am intimately acquainted with the unique demands placed on those in ministry based on my own experiences as a pastor before my conversion to the Catholic faith tradition. 

To the religious I have the privilege to serve, know that I will always defer to the teachings of the Church, and as appropriate, will refer you to your spiritual director/ confessor in matters of faith and morals.

Thank you for all that you do for us.

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